Unveiling Perth’s Best Northern Suburbs For Families

Unveiling Perth’s Best Northern Suburbs for Families

Five Questions about Perth’s Best Northern Suburbs for Families:

  1. What are the most family-friendly suburbs in Perth’s northern area?
  2. How do the schools in Perth’s northern suburbs compare in terms of quality and diversity?
  3. What types of outdoor and recreational facilities are available to families in these suburbs?
  4. How do public transport and connectivity affect family life in Perth’s northern suburbs?
  5. What are the average housing prices, and how do they vary across Perth’s northern suburbs suitable for families?

Five Key Things About the Topic:

  1. Community and Safety: The sense of community and the safety ratings of Perth’s northern suburbs, are crucial for families when choosing where to live.
  2. Local Amenities: The availability of local amenities such as shopping centres, healthcare facilities, and childcare services.
  3. Employment Opportunities: The proximity to employment hubs and the variety of job opportunities within or near these suburbs.
  4. Lifestyle and Culture: The unique lifestyle and cultural aspects that make each suburb appealing to different families.
  5. Growth and Development: The potential for property value growth and the development plans that might impact the suburb’s future appeal.

Headline: Unveiling Perth’s Northern Gems: A Family’s Guide to the Best Suburbs


Moving to Perth presents an exciting opportunity for families looking for a blend of urban convenience and scenic beauty. The city’s northern suburbs, in particular, offer a variety of lifestyles to suit diverse family needs. From bustling community hubs to tranquil seaside retreats, this guide explores the top family-friendly suburbs in Perth’s north, answering key questions and highlighting essential information to help you make an informed decision for your family’s next chapter.

Family-Friendly Suburbs in Perth’s Northern Area


Perth’s northern corridor is home to several suburbs that stand out for their family appeal. Suburbs like Joondalup, Wanneroo, and Hillarys are renowned for their community feel, excellent schools, and access to stunning beaches.

Each offers a unique living experience, from Joondalup’s vibrant city vibe to Hillarys’ coastal charm and Wanneroo’s blend of urban and rural settings.


The 2024 top 10 Family-friendly suburbs in the north of Perth


  1. Joondalup: Known for its vibrant city centre, excellent public transport, and educational institutions like Edith Cowan University, Joondalup offers a blend of urban living with family-friendly amenities. The suburb also boasts Lakeside Joondalup, one of Perth’s largest shopping centres, providing residents with a comprehensive retail experience.
  2. Hillarys: Famous for its boat harbour, beaches, and quality schools, Hillarys is ideal for families who love outdoor activities and a strong sense of community. Hillarys Boat Harbour serves as a focal point for entertainment and dining, making it a popular spot for family outings and social gatherings.
  3. Wanneroo: offers a mix of suburban living with access to natural landscapes, including Lake Joondalup and Yellagonga Regional Park, making it perfect for families who enjoy the outdoors. Additionally, Wanneroo’s local markets and community events bring a unique charm and sense of belonging to its residents.
  4. Clarkson: With good transport links to the city and affordable housing, Clarkson is becoming increasingly popular among families looking for a balance between urban convenience and suburban space. The suburb’s growing infrastructure, including new schools and shopping areas, further enhances its appeal to young families.
  5. Butler: Known for its newer residential developments, parks, and schools, Butler is attracting families with its community-focused living and modern amenities. The suburb’s train station improves accessibility, making commutes to the city easier for working parents.
  6. Ocean Reef: offers coastal living with access to excellent schools and recreational facilities, making it a sought-after location for families who desire a beachside lifestyle. Ocean Reef’s planned marina development is set to enhance the suburb’s leisure and lifestyle offerings even further.
  7. Mullaloo: Praised for its beautiful beaches, parks, and community spirit, Mullaloo is a quiet suburb ideal for families seeking a peaceful coastal life. The suburb’s beachfront café and playground are popular spots for family weekends, emphasising its laid-back, family-friendly atmosphere.
  8. Woodvale: Highly regarded for its strong educational institutions, including Woodvale Secondary College, and its well-established community, Woodvale is a top choice for family living. The suburb is also known for its extensive green spaces and conservation areas, providing a green backdrop to suburban life.
  9. Kingsley: Known for its spacious homes, parks, and proximity to good schools, Kingsley offers a tranquil suburban environment suitable for families. The Kingsley Village Shopping Centre serves as a community hub, offering convenient access to shops and services.
  10. Greenwood: offers a mix of affordable housing, green spaces, and community facilities, making it an attractive suburb for families looking for value and quality of life. Greenwood’s well-connected public transport system and community-focused events, such as outdoor movies in the park, add to its appeal as a vibrant family community.



Educational Excellence

The quality and diversity of schools are major drawcards for families moving to Perth’s north. Top-performing schools such as Lake Joondalup Baptist College and Duncraig Senior High School offer excellent educational opportunities, while the availability of diverse educational programmes meets a broad range of learning needs and preferences.


  • Lake Joondalup Baptist College: A private co-educational school from kindergarten to year 12.
  • Edith Cowan University: offers a great place for local kids to attain a higher education with a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.


  • St Mark’s Anglican Community School: A private co-educational school offering education from kindergarten to year 12.
  • Hillarys Primary School: caters to younger students with a focus on fostering a supportive learning environment.


  • Wanneroo Secondary College: A public high school known for its strong academic and vocational education programmes.
  • Wanneroo Primary School: provides a comprehensive education for younger students in the area.


  • Clarkson Community High School: offers a diverse curriculum tailored to meet the needs of its students.
  • Sommerly Primary School: A public primary school serving the Clarkson community with a focus on inclusive education.


  • Butler College: A public secondary school with modern facilities and a broad curriculum.
  • East Butler Primary School: is known for its vibrant learning community and emphasis on student wellbeing.

Ocean Reef

  • Ocean Reef Senior High School: provides a wide range of academic and vocational programmes for students.
  • Beaumaris Primary School: is located nearby, and serves the primary education needs of the community.


  • Mullaloo Beach Primary School: offers a nurturing educational environment for students in the area.
  • Nearby schools also serve the community, with families often choosing schools in adjacent suburbs like Ocean Reef.


  • Woodvale Secondary College: A well-regarded public high school known for its comprehensive education programmes.
  • North Woodvale Primary School: provides quality education with a focus on developing well-rounded students.


  • Kingsley Primary School: offers a strong foundation in education for younger students in a supportive community setting.
  • Creaney Primary School: Another excellent primary education option within the suburb, known for its commitment to student growth.


  • Greenwood College: A public secondary school that offers a wide curriculum to meet diverse student needs.
  • Greenwood Primary School: caters to the educational needs of younger students with a focus on holistic development.

Each suburb has access to a mix of public and private educational institutions, ensuring families have options to choose the best fit for their children’s needs. These schools are integral to the community fabric of each suburb, contributing to their desirability for families.


Outdoor and Recreational Facilities


Outdoor living is a hallmark of the Perth lifestyle, and the northern suburbs offer a wealth of outdoor and recreational facilities tailored to family life, ensuring residents have ample opportunities for leisure, sport, and community engagement.

Families can enjoy pristine beaches in coastal suburbs like Hillarys and Ocean Reef, perfect for swimming, surfing, and beachside picnics. Suburbs such as Joondalup and Wanneroo boast extensive parklands and nature reserves like Yellagonga Regional Park, offering hiking trails, bike paths, and picnic areas for active families.

For those interested in sports and fitness, facilities such as the Wanneroo Recreation Centre and the Joondalup Arena provide venues for a variety of sports, including swimming, basketball, and tennis. Playgrounds and community centres are widespread, hosting regular events and activities that foster community spirit.

Additionally, the marina at Mindarie is a hub for boating and fishing enthusiasts, while numerous golf courses in the area, like the Joondalup Resort Country Club, cater to golfing families.

These diverse outdoor and recreational amenities not only enhance the physical well-being of families living in Perth’s northern suburbs but also contribute significantly to the social and communal fabric of these communities.


Public Transport and Connectivity


In Perth’s northern suburbs, public transport and connectivity significantly influence family life by enhancing accessibility to key amenities and services, thus facilitating a balanced lifestyle.

Suburbs like Joondalup offer robust public transport networks, including train and bus services that provide seamless connectivity to Perth CBD, making it convenient for commuting parents and students attending educational institutions such as Edith Cowan University.

For coastal suburbs like Hillarys, while public transport options are more focused on bus services, they still ensure families can easily access leisure and recreational spots without heavy reliance on personal vehicles.

In emerging suburbs such as Clarkson and Butler, the extension of the train line has notably improved accessibility, attracting families with the promise of suburban tranquillity coupled with urban convenience.

This network of trains and buses across these suburbs not only reduces commute times but also contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle, allowing families to participate in community and cultural events, access diverse schooling options, and enjoy the natural and recreational amenities that define living in Perth’s northern suburbs.

Housing Affordability


Housing prices in Perth’s northern suburbs vary, reflecting the diverse range of lifestyles and amenities each suburb offers.

In more established areas like Joondalup and Hillarys, families might find the housing market leans towards the higher end due to the proximity to the coast, quality schools, and robust infrastructure, with prices often exceeding the median for Perth.

However, emerging suburbs such as Clarkson and Butler, known for their newer developments and community-focused amenities, typically offer more affordable housing options, appealing to first-time homebuyers and young families looking for value without compromising on lifestyle.

Suburbs like Wanneroo and Banksia Grove, blending urban convenience with access to natural landscapes, present a middle ground in terms of pricing, offering a mix of older and newer homes to suit a range of family budgets.

Overall, the northern suburbs of Perth cater to a wide spectrum of family needs, with housing prices varying significantly based on factors such as location, property size, and local amenities, ensuring there’s something for every family looking to call Perth’s north their home.


Five Key Things:

Community and Safety


The northern suburbs of Perth are renowned for their strong sense of community and impressive safety ratings, factors that significantly influence family decisions on where to establish their homes.

These areas foster a welcoming atmosphere where neighbours frequently engage in communal activities, from local farmers’ markets to festive street gatherings, enhancing the sense of belonging and mutual support.

Safety is paramount, with many suburbs boasting low crime rates thanks to active neighbourhood watch programmes and community policing initiatives.

This environment not only promotes a secure setting for children to play and explore but also offers parents peace of mind.

The emphasis on community and safety creates a foundation for a cohesive and supportive living experience, where families can thrive in a nurturing and protective environment.

Local Amenities


Access to local amenities plays a vital role in the daily lives of residents in Perth’s northern suburbs, contributing significantly to the area’s appeal for families.

From comprehensive shopping centres in Joondalup and Clarkson that cater to all retail needs to healthcare facilities distributed across the region that ensure families have easy access to medical services, these suburbs are equipped to meet the demands of modern family life.

Childcare services and recreational facilities are also abundant, providing convenience and enhancing the quality of life for busy families. Schools, libraries, and community centres are central to these communities, offering educational and social opportunities that enrich the local culture and support family development.

The abundance and quality of these amenities reflect the family-oriented nature of these suburbs, making them desirable locations for those seeking a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Employment Opportunities


The proximity to Perth’s CBD and strategic business hubs, combined with a variety of local employment opportunities, makes the northern suburbs an attractive option for professionals and families alike.

With industries ranging from healthcare and education to retail and technology, these areas offer a diverse employment landscape.

Major business parks and industrial areas are also situated within or near suburbs like Joondalup and Wanneroo, providing ample job opportunities for residents.

This accessibility to employment not only facilitates a better work-life balance but also contributes to the economic stability of families living in the region.

The ongoing development of commercial and retail spaces continues to open new job avenues, further boosting the attractiveness of these suburbs for working families seeking convenience and career growth close to home.

Lifestyle and Culture


The lifestyle and cultural diversity found in Perth’s northern suburbs offer a rich tapestry of experiences that cater to a wide range of family preferences and backgrounds.

Coastal suburbs like Hillarys and Ocean Reef celebrate the laid-back beach lifestyle, with community events and activities centred around the ocean and outdoor living.

Inland suburbs such as Woodvale and Kingsley, with their sprawling parks and vibrant community arts scene, provide a more subdued but equally enriching cultural experience.

The availability of diverse dining options, from local Australian fare to international cuisine, reflects the multicultural makeup of these communities.

Seasonal festivals, local markets, and cultural celebrations add to the fabric of these suburbs, providing families with opportunities to engage with their community and experience a variety of cultural traditions, fostering a sense of inclusivity and belonging.

Growth and Development


The potential for property value growth and the strategic development plans in Perth’s northern suburbs are drawing attention from investors and families looking to capitalise on the future prospects of these communities.

With ongoing infrastructure improvements, including transportation upgrades and the development of new residential areas, these suburbs are poised for significant growth.

Emerging suburbs like Banksia Grove and Alkimos are witnessing rapid development, offering modern housing options that promise appreciation in value.

The expansion of commercial and recreational facilities continues to enhance the liveability and attractiveness of these areas, suggesting a bright future for property values.

Families investing in these communities not only secure a home in a vibrant and growing area but also make a wise long-term investment that could benefit from the region’s development trajectory and increasing appeal.


Perth’s northern suburbs offer a compelling mix of lifestyle, community, and educational opportunities for families. Whether you’re drawn to the coastal charm of Hillarys, the bustling city life of Joondalup, or the serene, spacious living in Wanneroo, there’s a suburb to match every family’s dream. With a variety of housing options, excellent schools, and a wealth of outdoor activities, these suburbs are not just places to live but communities to thrive in.


Ready to explore the family-friendly appeal of Perth’s northern suburbs? Visit Moving to Perth to discover more about what these vibrant communities have to offer. Whether you’re searching for your first family home or seeking a new adventure, Perth’s northern suburbs await with open arms and endless possibilities.