Symphony Under the Stars in Perth 2024

Symphony Under the Stars: A Night of Melodic Enchantment in Perth

Discover the Magic of Symphony Under the Stars in Perth 2024

The Symphony Under the Stars in Perth is an enchanting evening that harmoniously blends music, community, and the great outdoors.

Scheduled for the 24th of February 2024 at Halesworth Park, Butler, this event promises to be a memorable night for the whole family.

Offering free admission, the evening is a celebration of the Perth Symphony Orchestra’s talent, set against the backdrop of the beautiful Halesworth Park.

Event Details: Symphony Under the Stars

  • Date: 24th February 2024
  • Time: Starts at 17:00 (5:00 PM)
  • Location: Halesworth Park, Butler, Perth
  • Cost: FREE Admission

Experience the Harmony: Orchestral Music, Food, and Fun at Perth’s Outdoor Concert

The Symphony Under the Stars event promises an evening filled with:

  • Orchestral Music: The Perth Symphony Orchestra will showcase their talent, performing a wide array of pieces that promise to captivate and inspire. From classical favourites to modern melodies, the music will be the soul of the evening.
  • Food Trucks: A selection of food trucks will be on-site, offering a variety of culinary delights. Whether you’re in the mood for something savoury or a sweet treat, there will be options to satisfy every palate.
  • Kid’s Activities: Keeping the little ones entertained, there will be a range of activities designed specifically for children. This makes the Symphony Under the Stars a family-friendly event where kids can have fun too.

Who Should Not Miss Perth’s Symphony Under the Stars? A Guide for Families, Couples, and Music Aficionados

Symphony Under the Stars is ideal for anyone seeking a cultural escape in Perth.

Families will appreciate the kid-friendly activities and the relaxed picnic atmosphere, while couples can enjoy a romantic evening under the stars.

Music enthusiasts will relish the opportunity to hear the Perth Symphony Orchestra live, making it a must-attend event for all.

Attendees are encouraged to bring picnic blankets, low-back chairs, and their favourite snacks to create a comfortable setting.

Remember, food trucks will also be available, offering a range of dining options to complement your picnic.

Explore Butler: Top Attractions Near Symphony Under the Stars Venue

For those looking to explore the area around Halesworth Park before or after the Symphony Under the Stars, Butler offers a variety of attractions and activities:

  • Wanneroo Botanic Gardens: Just a short drive from Butler, these beautiful gardens offer a tranquil escape with lush landscapes and miniature golf.
  • Butler Cafés and Restaurants: Enjoy the local culinary scene with a range of dining options that cater to all tastes and preferences.
  • Beachfront Leisure: Butler is close to some of Perth’s most beautiful beaches, perfect for a relaxing stroll or a refreshing swim.
  • Local Art Galleries: Explore local art and culture at nearby galleries, showcasing the work of Perth’s talented artists.
  • Outdoor Recreation: Take advantage of the numerous parks and recreational facilities around Butler for a day of fun and activities in nature.

Each of these activities provides an excellent opportunity to make the most of your visit to the Symphony Under the Stars, offering something for everyone to enjoy in the beautiful surroundings of Butler, Perth.

Your Guide to Reaching Symphony Under the Stars: Shuttle Services and Parking Tips

Attending the Symphony Under the Stars is made easy with various transportation options, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all guests:

  • Shuttle Bus Service: For those using public transport, a shuttle bus service will be available from Butler train station to Halesworth Park. The service starts at 5pm, with the last bus at 7:30pm before the event, and resumes from 9pm until 10pm after the concert ends, offering a convenient link between the train station and the event venue.
  • Driving: Attendees who prefer to drive to the event are encouraged to plan their journey ahead of time. To assist with this, a detailed map showing parking locations at and around Halesworth Park is available for download on the event’s official website. This map will guide you to the designated parking areas, ensuring that you can find a spot with ease.

Why Symphony Under the Stars is a Must-Attend Event for Perth’s Cultural Calendar

The Symphony Under the Stars is a testament to Perth’s thriving cultural life, offering an evening where music, community, and the beauty of the outdoors come together.

This free event is an incredible opportunity to support local arts, enjoy quality time with loved ones, and experience the magic of live orchestral music.

Don’t miss out on one of Perth’s most anticipated cultural highlights.

Additional Information
For more details about the Symphony Under the Stars, visit the official City of Wanneroo website. Plan your visit and be part of a memorable Perth tradition.