Perth’s Hidden Northern Suburbs Where Families Flourish Away From The Crowd

Perth’s Hidden Northern Suburbs: Where Families Flourish Away from the Crowd

Perth’s northern suburbs have long been a beacon for families seeking a harmonious blend of lifestyle, community, and nature. While the limelight often shines on the well-known areas, a treasure trove of lesser-known suburbs offers just as much charm, if not more, for families looking to call Perth home. This article delves into these hidden gems, providing insights into why these northern nooks could be your family’s next dream destination.

The Heart of Family Living in Perth’s Lesser-Known Northern Suburbs


The 2024 top 10 family-friendly lesser-know suburbs in Perth’s North. We have removed the more well-known and larger suburbs from this list and focused on lesser-known, perhaps smaller, or emerging areas in Perth’s northern suburbs that are great for families. These areas might not have the same level of recognition as the likes of Joondalup or Hillarys, but they all offer fantastic living conditions for families.

    1. Darch: A suburb with a strong sense of community, modern housing, and access to quality schools, making it a quiet but appealing option for families. The local parks and community centres offer regular events and activities that foster a strong neighbourhood bond.
    2. Tapping: Known for its parks, playgrounds, and friendly neighbourhood vibe, Tapping is an excellent choice for families seeking a close-knit community. Its location offers easy access to Joondalup’s shopping and entertainment options, enhancing its appeal.
    3. Pearsall: offers a mix of affordable family homes and proximity to amenities, including shops and schools, in a relatively newer suburb with growing community facilities. The area is characterised by its open spaces and a community garden that encourages local engagement.
    4. Hocking: A suburb with a good balance of residential quietness and access to essential amenities, including parks and schools, is ideal for families looking for a peaceful setting. Hocking’s walking trails and sports facilities cater to active families and outdoor enthusiasts.
    5. Banksia Grove: is characterised by its new developments, community-centric planning, and expanding amenities, making it a vibrant and family-friendly area. The suburb also boasts an eco-friendly focus, with initiatives aimed at preserving the local flora and fauna.
    6. Mindarie: Although known for its marina, Mindarie is also a fantastic family suburb with beautiful homes, excellent schools, and beach access, offering a more laid-back lifestyle. The community is engaged in water sports and beach activities, making it perfect for ocean lovers.
    7. Currambine: Offers a suburban lifestyle with the convenience of a local shopping centre, cinema, and restaurants, plus good schools and parks, blending convenience with community living. The suburb also features a local theatre group and annual community festivals that highlight its vibrant cultural scene.
    8. Iluka: is a coastal suburb that, while quieter and smaller, offers luxury living with stunning beachfront properties and well-maintained parks, appealing to families looking for a higher-end lifestyle. It’s also noted for its conservation areas and walking paths that offer breathtaking ocean views.
    9. Kinross: Close to Joondalup but with its distinct charm, Kinross is great for families, offering parks, schools, and a friendly atmosphere in a compact suburb. The local community centre and various clubs make it easy for new residents to integrate and find like-minded friends.
    10. Quinns Rocks: is a beachside suburb with a relaxed vibe, community events, and schools, making it ideal for families who love the coastal life but want to stay away from the hustle and bustle. Its annual community fair and local surf club are just some of the highlights that contribute to its unique coastal community spirit.

This list represents a mix of emerging, smaller, or simply less recognised suburbs that provide a fantastic quality of life for families, with safety, community, and amenities being key appealing factors. Each suburb has its unique attributes, offering potential residents a variety of lifestyles, from coastal living to quiet, suburban neighbourhoods.


Community Spirit and Safety


In the heart of Perth’s hidden northern suburbs, from Darch to Quinns Rocks, families find a welcoming community that prides itself on safety and neighbourliness. These areas boast a lower crime rate and a higher sense of security, fostering an environment where children play freely and neighbours know each other by name.  The unparalleled sense of community and safety in these suburbs creates an ideal environment for raising children.

Educational Excellence


Education is a cornerstone of family life, and suburbs like Currambine and Kinross are within reach of some of the region’s most reputable schools. From public to private, the educational institutions in these suburbs cater to a broad spectrum of academic and extracurricular interests, ensuring every child finds their path to success.

School zones apply in some of these areas.  You can check the school zones here.

Local Schools

  1. Darch:
    • Ashdale Primary School: caters to younger students with a focus on community and learning excellence.
    • Ashdale Secondary College: A modern high school known for its innovative approach to education.
  2. Tapping:
    • Spring Hill Primary School: is known for its nurturing environment and strong academic programmes.
    • Tapping Primary School: offers a comprehensive curriculum with an emphasis on inclusivity and community.
  3. Pearsall:
    • Pearsall Primary School: focuses on delivering a broad and balanced education to its students in a supportive environment.
  4. Hocking:
    • Hocking Primary School: provides a vibrant learning environment with a strong emphasis on both academic and social development.
  5. Banksia Grove:
    • Banksia Grove Primary School: A cornerstone of the community, offering a wide range of educational programmes.
    • Joseph Banks Secondary College: is renowned for its modern facilities and commitment to excellence in secondary education.
  6. Mindarie:
    • Mindarie Primary School: offers a welcoming and dynamic learning community for younger students.
    • Mindarie Senior College: is known for its focus on senior secondary education, preparing students for university and vocational pathways.
  7. Currambine:
    • Currambine Primary School: provides a strong foundation in education in a caring and engaging environment.
  8. Iluka:
    • While Iluka itself may not have its own schools, residents often attend nearby educational facilities in surrounding suburbs such as Currambine and Ocean Reef.
  9. Kinross:
    • Kinross Primary School: A friendly and inclusive school with a strong community spirit.
    • Kinross College: caters to middle and high school students with a wide range of programmes and opportunities.
  10. Quinns Rocks:
    • Quinns Beach Primary School: is known for its positive school culture and strong emphasis on student welfare.
    • Quinns Baptist College: A co-educational private option that offers education from kindergarten through year 12.

Each of these suburbs is served by a variety of educational institutions, ranging from public primary and secondary schools to private and speciality colleges, ensuring families have access to diverse educational pathways. The presence of these schools underscores the family-friendly nature of these suburbs, providing solid foundations for student learning and development.

Embracing an Affordable Lifestyle


One of the most compelling aspects of Perth’s lesser-known northern suburbs is the affordability of housing. Suburbs like Banksia Grove and Hocking offer modern family homes at prices that don’t break the bank, providing ample opportunity for families to grow without financial strain.

A Playground of Nature and Recreation


The natural landscapes and outdoor facilities in these suburbs are second to none. From the coastal playgrounds of Mindarie and Quinns Rocks to the lush parks of Tapping and Pearsall, families enjoy an active lifestyle that is deeply connected to Western Australia’s stunning environment.

Seamless Connectivity


Despite their quieter reputation, suburbs like Iluka and Darch offer excellent connectivity to Perth’s CBD and essential amenities. With well-planned public transport networks and strategic road links, families enjoy the best of both worlds – serene living with urban convenience.

The local shopping centres are in these suburbs.

  1. Darch – Residents typically rely on nearby local shops for daily necessities, with larger shopping needs often met by the Kingsway City Shopping Centre in Madeley.
  2. Tapping – Tapping does not have a large shopping centre within its borders but is close to the Carramar Village Shopping Centre, providing access to a variety of retail options.
  3. Pearsall – Pearsall residents have access to Pearsall Shopping Centre, a convenient spot for groceries and essential services.
  4. Hocking – Hocking is served by the Wyatt Grove Shopping Centre, offering a range of stores including groceries, pharmacy services, and dining options.
  5. Banksia Grove – Banksia Grove Village is the primary shopping destination within the suburb, featuring supermarkets, eateries, and various service outlets.
  6. Mindarie – While Mindarie is more known for its marina than shopping, the nearby Ocean Keys Shopping Centre in Clarkson caters to the shopping needs of Mindarie residents.
  7. Currambine – Currambine Central is the main shopping hub for the suburb, providing a wide range of stores, cinemas, and dining options.
  8. Iluka – Iluka does not have its own large shopping centre, but residents have easy access to the nearby Currambine Central and the larger Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City.
  9. Kinross – Kinross residents use the Kinross Central Shopping Centre for their daily shopping needs, offering groceries, speciality stores, and services.
  10. Quinns Rocks – Quinns Rocks does not have a large shopping centre within the suburb itself but is conveniently located near the Quinns Village Shopping Centre and the larger Ocean Keys Shopping Centre in Clarkson.

Perth’s lesser-known northern suburbs represent a hidden paradise for families, offering safety, community, education, and affordability, all wrapped in the natural beauty of Western Australia. These suburbs are more than just places to live; they are communities where families can thrive, grow, and make lifelong memories.

If you’re dreaming of a family-friendly suburb that ticks all the boxes for a fulfilling lifestyle without the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s time to explore Perth’s hidden northern gems. Visit Moving to Perth to discover more about these suburbs and find your perfect family home. Begin your journey to a happier, healthier family life today.