The Oak Tree at Peninsula Farm

The Oak Tree at Peninsula Farm: A Theatrical Experience in Perth

In Perth, Peninsula Farm offers a unique backdrop for the mesmerizing play, The Oak Tree. 

This event, a blend of history, nature, and art, promises an unforgettable experience for Perth locals and visitors alike.

Inside Look: The Oak Tree at Peninsula Farm – Perth’s Must-See Theatre Event

Essential Info: Dates, Times, and Location of Perth’s The Oak Tree Play

The Oak Tree, set to unfold at the historic Peninsula Farm in Maylands, is a theatrical gem in Perth’s cultural landscape. 

Scheduled for January 18, 20, 21, 24, 25, and 27, 2024, at 8:00 PM, this event invites audiences to immerse themselves in a story deeply rooted in Perth’s history.

Behind the Scenes: The Storyline and Creators of Perth’s The Oak Tree

Directed by Jane Sherwood and penned by Fiona Blakeley, “The Oak Tree” is a poignant narrative set on a farm in Wungong, a nod to Perth’s rich past. 

The play follows Kate and Lennie’s struggles against natural and supernatural obstacles, symbolized by an ancient oak tree and its ghostly protector. 

This production, featuring seasoned actors like Fiona Blakeley, Fiona Wildsmith, Matthew Mckail, and Ron Arthurs, is a testament to Perth’s thriving arts scene.

Who Will Love The Oak Tree? A Guide for Perth Theatre and History Enthusiasts

The Oak Tree is an ideal event for theatre enthusiasts, history buffs, and nature lovers. 

Its unique outdoor setting makes it a perfect choice for those looking to experience Perth’s vibrant arts culture in a natural setting. 

The play’s themes of grief, love, and historical connections resonate with a wide audience, making it a must-see event in Perth.

Exploring Peninsula Farm: The Historic Venue of Perth’s The Oak Tree Event

Peninsula Farm, a historical gem in Maylands, serves as more than just a backdrop for this play. 

Its 190-year-old oak tree, planted by early settlers, adds authenticity and depth to the performance. 

The farm’s idyllic location by the Swan River enhances the experience, making it a highlight in Perth’s event calendar.

Experience Maylands: Activities Around Perth’s Peninsula Farm Event

Maylands, a picturesque suburb of Perth, offers a range of activities for visitors. 

From scenic walks along the Swan River to exploring local cafes and historical sites, there’s plenty to do before or after the play. 

This area, rich in Perth’s history and natural beauty, provides an excellent opportunity for a full day’s outing.

Getting to Peninsula Farm: Your Guide to Accessing Perth’s Premier Theatre Event

Reaching Peninsula Farm is straightforward, whether you’re a local or a visitor in Perth. 

Located at 2C Johnson Road, Maylands, the venue is accessible by car and public transport, making it a convenient destination for all attendees. 

Ample parking and clear signage ensure a hassle-free experience.

Prepare for The Oak Tree: Tips for Enjoying Perth’s Outdoor Theatre Experience

To fully enjoy The Oak Tree, guests are advised to bring picnic essentials, comfortable seating, and insect repellent. 

Tickets, priced at $29.50 for general admission and $24.50 for concessions, can be booked at

Arriving early to secure a good spot and to soak in the ambiance of Peninsula Farm is recommended.

Why The Oak Tree at Peninsula Farm is a Highlight of Perth’s Cultural Scene

The Oak Tree at Peninsula Farm, an event meticulously organised by The National Trust of Western Australia, is more than just a play; it’s a cultural experience that encapsulates the essence of Perth. 

Its unique combination of an outdoor setting, historical significance, and compelling storytelling makes it an unmissable event. 

Whether you’re a Perth resident or a visitor, this play is a splendid way to connect with the city’s rich cultural tapestry.

Don’t miss this opportunity to witness a remarkable piece of theatre in one of Perth’s most scenic locations.

The Oak Tree at Peninsula Farm

Dates: Thursday 18 January 2024 – Saturday 27 January 2024 at 8:00 PM

Location: Peninsula Farm, 2C Johnson Road, Maylands